What We Do

Our mission is to bring together businesses, individuals and business enablers with an interest in the mutual economic progress of the BRIC nations and the African continent.

Our aim is to drum-up conversations and partnerships, facilitate sharing of knowledge and experiences, introduce opportunities to investors, connect commerce and industry, exporters with importers and relevant business to trade services enablers.

To achieve the above, BRICSAfrica.com has developed a series of electronic business development and enabling solutions.

These digital Services are now offered through the BRICS Africa Trade Centre – www.bricsatc.com


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Upcoming Events

Explore African Markets Now!

Explore leading African Trade exhibitions. Explore the many industries these events serve: Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Water, The Gas & Petrochemical sectors, Plastics, Pumps, Valves & Pipes, Waste Management, Recycling Technologies, Sustainable Resource Solutions & many more