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We wish you every success … and by way of this letter recommend that Brazilian companies, media and organisations interested in doing business in Africa seize the opportunities that this event has to offer to further such interests

by H.E. Pedro Luiz Carneiro de Mendonça – Brazil Ambassador in SA


The India High Commission supports our country’s participation and endorsement of the BRICS Africa Forum

by H.E. Virendra Gupta – India’s High Commissioner in SA


The Embassy of the Russia Federation grant you the right to use the logo of the Russia Federation as an official BRICS country Supporter

by H.E. Mr. M.Petrakov, Ambassador of Russia to SA & Lesotho


It holds all the right ingredients especially for the SME players seeking new markets and growth nodes not only in Africa but among BRICS

by Elton Plaajes: Brandenburg Small Business Engineering / Kleine Unternehmen Maschinenbau


Welcome to BRICS Africa

BRICSAfrica.com is an African-led initiative to enable SME businesses across Africa to promote and service their business interests electronically.

BRICS’ economic growth is creating substantial new business opportunities to create markets, establish brands, shape industry structures, influence customer preferences, and establish long-term relationships.

BricsAfrica.com aims to facilitate local and cross border business in Africa and promote African business in the trade bloc.

BRICS Africa.com is soon to announce an e-commerce enabled B2B sales and distribution platform and also offers to promote trade exhibitions and other business networking services in the Trade Bloc. Services include:

  • Free listings Directory
  • Free Events Directory
  • Free Exhibition App for Event organisers and participants that delivers product-specific business matchmaking, contact management, meetings tools and integrated communications

Companies keen to take their products to new markets can now participate remotely on leading trade exhibitions – from the comfort of their office. And anyone interested to attend participating events to source new products, technology and services can also do so remotely!

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Explore leading African Trade exhibitions. Explore the many industries these events serve: Manufacturing, Engineering, Energy, Water, The Gas & Petrochemical sectors, Plastics, Pumps, Valves & Pipes, Waste Management, Recycling Technologies, Sustainable Resource Solutions & many more